The Lamp Man

We are excited to have something very different at our Bumper Christmas Makers Market this coming Saturday 9th December. Rod Skerry is bring the wonderful lamps he creates from found objects. Come along and be enlightened by his many different ideas. 🙂

Christmas Makers Market this Saturday

Come along to Fakenham Parish Church this Saturday to our bumper Christmas Market. event-nov-2016Santa will be raising money for Barnado’s! 🙂

Santa’s coming

Santa’s coming to Fakenham Makers Market on Saturday, so don’t miss him! I’m gonna be first in the queue! 🙂


Lisa Hughston of ‘South of the Border’


Lisa Hughston started her business, ‘South of the Border’, about 9 years ago. She came from a very creative family and had always done art and loved making things as a child but had never thought about putting her creativity into a business. It actually happened by accident.

Lisa had to give up the dental nurse training she was doing at the time due to being diagnosed with Type 3 Elhers Danlos syndrome. It’s a difficult condition but as Lisa says: “As sad as it sounds, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me!” It was whilst she was housebound that Lisa started to do her art again to pass the time and take her mind off her pain. “It became a kind of therapy for me” says Lisa “and I loved doing it.”

Lisa decided once she was well enough to go back to college to do A level art. She then went on to Wensum Lodge in Norwich to do an advanced art course and one day had the opportunity to try silversmithing – and she loved it!!

After dropping out of the art class and signing up to the silversmithing class Lisa gained her NCFE levels 1 and 2. Her wish to continue making silver jewellery was unfortunately hindered as her condition took a turn for the worse. Her passion for making jewellery however was still very strong so after a lot of research she started making resin jewellery: now she absolutely loves working with resin. As Lisa says: “You can do so much with it and after a lot of practice I knew this is what I wanted to work with the most”.

Lisa’s work is quirky and unique and she loves to upcycle things. She is a self-confessed magpie, collecting lots of different things that would normally be discarded and turn them into something new. Her inspirations come from 1950’s America and Mexican traditions and culture, tattoos, music as well as curiosities and all things weird and wonderful! Lisa says: “I love to make items to encapsulate in resin, from old stamps, broken vintage jewellery and I even had a commission to put a mummified baby rat in resin to make into a pendant!!”

“It’s funny how life turns out”, Lisa continues, “Had I been asked at 19 if I would have my own business selling handmade jewellery and gifts I would have laughed and said no way!! I didn’t think I would be good enough to do it but I am. I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world!!”

And Lisa’s final piece of advice? “If you have the passion and drive to do something then reach for the stars because I’m living proof that it can happen, just believe in yourself and anything is possible!”

Catch up with Lisa at the next Fakenham Makers Market which opens at 10am on Saturday 24th September at Fakenham Parish Church. If you would like to know how to join our markets or are just interested in when and where they take place, please visit our website at

Becky Coggins of ‘Crofts Crafts’

Just three weeks until our next market on Saturday 23rd July. Exhibiting with us on that day will be Becky Coggins with her wonderfully simple cards saying just what you want to say! Becky exhibits regularly with us and we enjoy having her as part of our community 🙂BeckyThis card is just right for any wedding you might have coming up!

South of the Border

‘South of the border’ is run by Lisa Hughston a regular maker with us. She will be joining us again at our makers market  this coming saturday with her handmade retro jewellery and other handmade items. Maybe she’ll even be wearing this super necklace! 🙂


Les Flint if Flint Originals

After a super restful week off here in Fakenham, we are raring to go! To give you a taster of what to expect from our next Market here is something from Les Flint of ‘Flint Originals’. Metal rulers which have been recycled into the most gorgeous bracelets, I think suitable for both men and women 🙂


Jeremy Raven – Circle of Motion

IMG_7743Jeremy’s artistic venture started with his Dad.

He was an artist himself, painting in oils and making wooden items. When
Jeremy was around seven, his Dad would be making swords and shields for him
and his brother. Jeremy would be watching and asking questions about what he
was doing – it was fascinating!

For Jeremy himself, his creative side didn’t really peak until he was around
sixteen when he started to produce drawings and paintings, as well as write
poetry. He went to King’s Lynn College at twenty three and completed a BTEC
in Art & Design, and then went on to do Ceramics for a further two years.

With this experience under his belt, he opened Redstone Pottery at
Snettisham Farm Park, joined West Norfolk Open Studios and took part in many
art exhibitions.

Jeremy’s enthusiasm for his art has never diminished and he is constantly
looking for new ventures and avenues for his work.

Jeremy is now a regular maker at Fakenham Makers Market (and you will also
see him most weeks at the Thursday Market). He makes unique pieces of wooden
furniture and other useful objects. These pieces often incorporate his
artistic ideas as well.

He operates under the name ‘Circle of Motion’. Jeremy comments: “The name
represents my belief that there are no boundaries to what can be created in
the different media I use. My work uses recycled and upcycled timber and
other items and once you start putting this together it’s just amazing what